Breakthrough from Morgan Advanced Materials Offers Boost to Oil and Gas Markets


Businesses affected by the declining oil and gas markets can now access extruded parts which are higher performing and more complex than many alternative options, thanks to Morgan Advanced Materials, a global leader in the development and application of advanced material technologies.

Morgan has announced new developments in its range of extruded materials, which can now achieve more complex geometries to satisfy increasingly challenging requirements. The extrusion range has been developed in close collaboration with Morgan’s global customer base over the last three years, in order to push the boundaries of the rheology of materials to new levels. The result is a range of materials and products which offer increased reliability, extended service life and reduced operating costs.

The oil and gas market has been facing decline since 2014, forcing businesses in the sector to change the way their products perform, bringing increased demand for more complex, higher performing designs in order to increase the longevity of components. Morgan, which has been using advanced ceramic materials to produce extruded parts for use in temperature measurement and other industrial heating products for over 40 years, has applied its extensive knowledge of design and material performance to develop new complex components which satisfy this demand.

Morgan’s standard range of extruded products are made from grades of Magnesium Oxide, Alumina, Silica and Hafnia, materials which have strong insulating properties and thermal conductivity. The new range of extruded products from Morgan enhances this capacity, and further controls density, strength, and particle size distribution to meet exact customer specifications.

Grahame Pulford, Product Development Engineer at Morgan Advanced Materials commented: “At Morgan we are committed to working in partnership with our customers to continue to push the boundaries of material and geometry design, in particular for use within challenging environments. Our new range of extruded products will significantly enhance performance, enabling our customers to remain competitive in a highly volatile market.”

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