Halfoam™ Joins Morgan’s Extensive Portfolio of Porous Materials


Haldenwanger® HalFoam™ is foaming technology which create a porous surface for aluminium oxide (alumina) and fused silica base materials and offer total porosities of up to 80 per cent. HalFoam™ Alumina, ideal for use within kilns, performs at temperatures up to 1,700ºC, while HalFoam™ Fused Silica has demonstrated thermal insulation properties of between 500ºC and 1,000ºC.

Michael Rozumek, R&D Director for the Haldenwanger® Products Business at Morgan Advanced Materials explains: “Over the past two years, Morgan has made a considerable R&D investment into our porous materials portfolio. Our porous extruded products, with porosities ranging from five per cent up to around 40 per cent, can be used in a multitude of high-temperature applications where thermal shock is of particular concern. The introduction of the HalFoam™ products further extends our capabilities, offering up to 80 per cent porosity and enhanced protection for surfaces in environments which experience rapid temperature change.”

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