Morgan Advanced Materials Announces Ceramic Hermetic Seals and Insulated Feedthroughs Made of Machineable Glass Ceramic


MACOR® can be quickly and inexpensively machined into complex shapes and precision parts. Machining can be performed with standard carbide tools to create complex objects to the tightest of tolerances, making it ideal for manufacturing prototypes with a fast turnaround. Requiring no post-firing after machining and exhibiting no post fabrication shrinkage, parts can be manufactured quickly whilst meeting demanding specifications.

Readily matching most metals and sealing glasses, MACOR® facilitates hermetic seals directly to a variety of metals, including platinum, titanium, Dumet copper-clad wire seal, chrome-iron stainless, alloy 52 (50.50% nickel-iron alloy), and Sylvania #4, as well as to Forsterite ceramic. A range of sealing glasses is used to ensure that desirable properties are achieved without compromising effectiveness. Vacuum tight seals can be achieved for high temperature applications.

With zero porosity and tight tolerance capability, MACOR® has a continuous use temperature of 800ºC and a peak temperature of 1000ºC. The material is non-wetting, exhibits zero porosity, and unlike ductile materials, will not deform. When properly baked out, it won't outgas in vacuum environments.

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