Morgan Advanced Materials Announces Lightweight, Mechanically Strong and Thermally Stable Kiln Furniture


Sold under the Haldenwanger® brand, the range of products produced from the high performance HalSic material includes; fuel bars, beams, plates, rollers, tubes and burner elements. Components made with Morgan’s HalSic material can be manufactured with a reduced wall thickness, resulting in lower heat absorption. They also have higher thermal shock resistance, which allows increased heating rates. Light, but mechanically strong and thermally stable, kiln furniture made from HalSic is especially suitable for fast firing and features a thin, self-supporting design.

Morgan’s range of Haldenwanger® materials includes 15 different oxidic and carbidic materials in numerous designs, all complying with the high safety standards found in Germany’s VDE Specifications Code of Safety Standards (DIN VDE 0335). Ceramic tubes are able to handle high application temperatures up to 2000°C (3632°F), aggressive media, and rapid temperature changes. Designed and custom made for each application, options include protection tubes, insulators, radiant tubes, support tubes for electric heaters, beams, profiles, incineration aids, and special fabrications.

Also available are a wide range of tubes made from Alsint alumina material, with a variety of opening and flange options up to a maximum outside diameter of 410mm (16”).

For more information on our range of kiln furniture, take a look at our website.

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