Morgan Advanced Materials announces TR Block Insulation Products with Excellent Strength and Insulation and Low Environmental Impact


With lower thermal conductivity than competitive offerings, the TR block insulation products reduce energy waste by improving the heat loss through the insulation lining. The lower weight of the material maintains high compression strength, with minimal shrinkage at its working continuous use temperature.

Morgan’s TR-19 and TR-20 structural block insulation products are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses up to 7-inches with either beveled or straight edges, and can be manufactured in special shapes, saving money on both installation and energy costs. They feature a unique composition and hard surface that helps ensure strong adhesion of cement finishes, and provides superior handling qualities.

TR-19 block is manufactured from vermiculite granules and high temperature bonding materials. Because of its low conductivity, TR-19 block is an economical, energy saving insulation that exhibits minimal shrinkage at its 1900°F (1040°C) temperature limit. It will not readily decompose, even when exposed directly to flame or cryolite vapor conditions. The high strength version, TR-19HSTM, is suitable where mechanical loads are present.

TR-20 block, made from diatomaceous silica with a hydraulic binder, is a superior, high-temperature insulation for service to 2000°F (1095°C). TR-20 demonstrates extremely high resistance to breakage to 2000°F (1095°C). Long, maintenance-free service and maximum operating efficiency is assured by TR-20’s unique combination of low conductivity and high stability. It is also very low in sulfur and iron, making it highly resistant to attack from atmospheric conditions and greatly reducing the possibility of product contamination.

Morgan Thermal Ceramics,