Morgan Advanced Materials Brings its Acclaimed Range of Hydrocyclones to New Markets



Morgan Advanced Materials, a global specialist in the application of advanced material technologies for the Mining sector, is expanding its range of established hydrocyclone liners into new markets, as it continues to further develop this solution.

The existing hydrocyclone range is already used widely in the Oil and Gas sector. Now Morgan is growing its offering in a variety of industrial sectors, including pulp & paper, but also looking towards additional industries which face similar challenges when it comes to material separation in abrasive or corrosive conditions.

In mining applications, the lining of hydrocyclones in centrifugal separation systems can be subject to extreme levels of wear and tear as mining companies aim to separate valuable mined solids from unwanted, abrasive waste materials using hydrocyclone technology. Linings with low wear resistance erode quickly and require replacement, resulting in additional cost and excessive downtime. Ultimately, this leads to a decline in productivity, hence the requirement for robust linings which offer superior resistance to abrasion.

In order to withstand harsh environments, Morgan’s liners are made using a proprietary alumina ceramic grade, specially formulated for high wear resistance, making them suitable for a host of applications which are subject to sustained contact with abrasive materials. In addition to the high quality base material, Morgan’s glaze bonding technology facilitates high strength joining of liner components which enable the use of internal flow geometries while minimising risk of joint breakage, giving a longer overall lifespan, while reducing both total cost of ownership and downtime compared to other material solutions.  

Morgan’s growth in this product line is being backed by improvements to its engineering team. By investing in its process engineering and prototyping and development capability, Morgan can continue to deliver a hydrocyclone liner that is truly best in class.

Oliver Ridd, Commercial Manager at Morgan Advanced Materials, discusses the reasoning behind the development: “By investing in our engineering capability, this greatly enhances our ability to bring to market robust and reliable components suitable for harsh environments. Over time, increased investment will enhance our materials and product development capability, allowing us to better meet the engineering challenges of global industry.”

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