Morgan Advanced Materials Gains EU Certification for Structural Steel Fire Protection System


Fire Protection for Structural Steel

Morgan’s advanced system is based around its FireMaster Marine Plus blanket, a non-combustible flexible blanket which is wrapped around the structural steel profile of a building and held in place with welded anchors and friction fit washers. During tests, Morgan’s system has been proven to provide good thermal and acoustic insulation and using a blanket density of 96 kg/m³, also offers a lightweight fire protection solution for steelwork for up to three hours.

Fire tested in accordance with EN 13381-4 standard, the system is certified through Underwriters Laboratory International in accordance with ETAG 18-4. Key to its effectiveness is the fact that the blanket is manufactured without the use of organic binders, eliminating the potential for smoke emission in the event of fire. Instead, it has been designed using low-biopersistent Alkaline Earth Silicate (AES) fibres, exonerated from carcinogenic classification in accordance with EU Directive 67/548/EWG. The required tensile strength is provided through mechanically needling the fibres in the blanket together, giving the blanket a maximum use classification temperature of 1,200ºC.

Allan Beeston, ‎Global Fire Protection Manager at Morgan Advanced Materials commented: “By manufacturing our steel structural fire protection system using our proven AES fibres, we have created a durable but lightweight solution. For our system to be certified as compliant with the EU Construction Products Regulation is evidence of both its effectiveness and reliability.”

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