Morgan Advanced Materials Highlights Glassy Carbon Coating for Reducing Contaminants Shed by Graphite Parts


Morgan Advanced Materials’ Specialty Graphite business is helping customers within the semiconductor industry to operate in challenging environments with its Glassy Carbon Impregnation™ and Glassy Carbon Coating™ for custom-machined pure graphite products. Both options significantly reduce contaminants that can be shed by graphite parts.

The coated or impregnated parts are ideal for use in the semiconductor industry, particularly in ion implantation machines, where contamination must be tightly controlled despite extreme temperatures and vacuum conditions. They are also an excellent choice for precious metals processing, where they extend tool and die life in continuous casting and press and mold casting processes.

Morgan’s Glassy Carbon Impregnation penetrates and seals the graphite substrate to approximately 0.25-inch (6.35mm). The Glassy Carbon Coating provides an even greater seal, leading to even fewer particulates shed. In parts placed near chipsets in ion implantation machines or in other highly sensitive areas, the high purity and low contamination risk provided by the Glassy Carbon Coating can have a significant impact on the success of operations.

For more information on our glassy carbon coating, see our dedicated website.

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