Morgan Advanced Materials Highlights Updated Specialty Graphite Engineering Capabilities


The Specialty Graphite business of Morgan Advanced Materials meets unique customer specifications through its advanced engineering capabilities and expertise in designing products for manufacture. The extensive experience which Morgan’s engineers, together with the latest in design software and manufacturing capabilities, ensures that customers’ products are designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards. Specialty Graphite parts are suitable for severe service applications including the semiconductor industry, glass and metal production and aerospace.

“Our engineers possess an impressive amount of experience ­– all have worked for at least a decade in their chosen field, some for 20 years or more – they are able to put this wealth of diverse knowledge, as machinists and engineers, into creatively designing solutions to improve the manufacturability and cost-effectiveness of our customers’ designs,” said Mike Kane, Engineering Manager at Morgan’s Speciality Graphite business.

The engineering department reviews customer product designs before manufacture; utilising Mastercam CAM/CAD software, as well as Solidworks and ProEngineer for CAD, in order to optimize customer designs. They also answer customer questions about the capabilities of Specialty Graphite’s manufactured products, in order to offer the best solution for each customer’s requirements.

The engineering department works closely with customers to review designs, generate quotes, and address end user issues. Morgan experts are also able to retrofit problematic designs to make them suitable for manufacture, ensuring cost-effective production for customers.

Morgan Advanced Materials,