Morgan Advanced Materials Highlights WDS® Flexible Pipe Solution, Ideal for Deep-Sea Pipelines


WDS® Flexible Pipe offers the flexibility needed in underwater pipelines due to the extreme forces at play deep under the ocean surface. In addition, temperature and insulation is of great concern in underwater pipelines, since the oil exiting a deep-sea well tends to be far higher in temperature than the surrounding water, at depths of up to 6900 feet (2103 meters). As a result, improperly insulated pipes can lead to oil with increased viscosity, with decreased flow rates and increased paraffin buildup.

The superior insulating properties of WDS® Flexible Pipe ensures that the temperature of the oil remains as constant as possible, thereby resulting in undisturbed oil retrieval while minimizing the outside diameter and thickness of the “pipe in pipe” pipelines. Through a slitting feature, the panels can be easily fitted around pipes. For an easier and cleaner handling, WDS® Flexible Pipe is supplied in a polyamide/polyethylene laminated film system under a light vacuum.

The WDS® Flexible Pipe product is tailored to individual customers’ applications, and offers easy, dust-free handling with no harmful materials.

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