Morgan Advanced Materials Highlights WDS® Ultrashell Solution, Ideal for High Temperature Pipe Insulation in Energy Sector


WDS® UltraShell insulation offers the low thermal conductivity needed in hot piping applications to ensure that materials inside are insulated from ambient conditions, in addition to protecting workers from burns due to contact with non-insulated hot piping.

The superior insulating properties of WDS® UltraShell insulation ensure that the temperature of the product within the piping remains as constant as possible while minimizing the pipes’ outside diameter and thickness. Constructed from fumed silica and other inorganic silicates that act as opacifiers for minimizing infrared radiation, the core material of the WDS® Ultra is not flammable and meets the requirements of ASTM E84 with Smoke/Flame Spread rating 0/0 (US) and DIN ISO 4102 for fire protection class A1 (EU).

WDS UltraShell insulation is custom engineered to each application, and features easy, dust-free handling with no harmful materials. The small dimensions of WDS® Ultrashell insulation leads to improved maintenance access and less congested piping systems.

In addition to WDS® UltraShell insulation for pipe sections, Morgan also offers WDS FlexiPipe, a slat semi-flexible insulation product and WDS® MultiFlex®, a 3D flexible stitched panel. Depending upon the application’s requirements, the products can often be combined together or used in combination with other insulators, including a water repellent grade of Superwool® Plus™ blanket. When combined, Morgan’s products provide superior thermal performances and solve the problem of corrosion under insulation (CUI).

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