Morgan Advanced Materials introduces Syncarb Z2 e2 crucible


Designed specifically for aluminium melting and holding applications, the Syncarb® Z2 e2 product has undergone extensive laboratory and field testing with results confirming an operational performance that surpasses alternative crucibles in the areas of durability and reduced energy consumption.
The entire Syncarb® Z2 line is composed of isostatically pressed, hybrid ceramic bonded crucibles with a high silicon carbide and graphite content. They display a higher breaking strength, due to an improved granulation process, resulting in increased resistance to damage and higher stresses during operation and handling.

The new Z2 e2 also brings a number of material and structural advantages to help improve crucible performance and foundry operations. As well as offering a 56% higher transverse breaking strength than some other energy efficient crucibles, the Z2 e2 maintains integrity at relatively higher values due primarily to the granulation of the mix, processing parameters and advanced materials used.

In addition, through its advanced glaze technology, the Z2 e2 showed an average 10% increase in oxidation resistance over competing products in both five and ten day Loss On Ignition (LOI) tests.

Morgan has been able to develop a crucible that has been scientifically proven by an independent laboratory to achieve superior thermal conductivity over all working ranges while maintaining a standard wall thickness. This achievement results in increased energy efficiency and savings for those operating in an environment of fluctuating and increasing energy prices.
Furthermore, while thermal conductivity will degrade over time as any crucible oxidises, the oxidation process occurs slower in the Morgan Syncarb® Z2 e2 crucibles. This reduced degradation, combined with a higher thermal conductivity, results in further energy savings compared with alternative products, throughout its lifetime. All this translates to longer run times, more cycles, less energy usage and an overall melting solution advantage.
The entire product line has already proven itself in harsh environments such as copper melting and refining innumerous customer operations throughout the world.

Carl Bednark of MetalTek International commented: “We’ve experienced a very dramatic improvement in average crucible life with Z2 crucibles versus other products used in the past – two times the life in fact. We expect the Syncarb® Z2 e2 crucible to have a major impact on our operations.”

“With the development of the Syncarb® Z2 e2, we have created a crucible designed specifically for optimum energy savings and efficiency,” says Brandon Kruse, Global Product Manager for Morgan’s Molten Metal Systems business. “We are genuinely excited about its future, which promises to have a positive impact on foundry performance and our customers’ bottom line.”

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