Morgan Advanced Materials launches Firecrete FP – the optimum solution for building hearths for stoves and fireplaces


The first product of its type from the company, Firecrete fire protection has been developed to meet the specific requirements of an expanding stove and fireplace market which has led to the evolution of a range of refractory products for building hearths.

Firecrete fire protection is a versatile and flexible product suitable for use with wood-fired and pellet stoves, as well as fireplaces.  It possesses high mechanical strength, enabling the use of thin layers without compromising the strength of the structure. Its fine grain delivers a uniform, low porosity surface which enables easy cleaning.

The new product incorporates a number of additional characteristics resulting in significant advantages when compared with other competitive materials. The flow properties and density of the product allow moulds to be light and re-usable over long periods. As the material is hydraulic setting, it is prepared by simply mixing the powder with clean water. There is no need for custom equipment or complex machines and it can also be mixed by hand. Firecrete fire protection is self-flowing and has excellent resistance to thermal shock. Also, because of its formulation, it is not necessary to dry out or fire the tiles before use.

The use of special binders and high refractory raw materials give Firecrete fire protection tiles exceptional heat stability, with minimal shrinkages up to high temperatures. This also enhances colour durability throughout the range of usage temperatures and improves the aesthetics of the finished products.

Harald Kaune of Morgan Advanced Materials says: “Firecrete fire protection is a valid alternative to pressed vermiculite. It boasts excellent insulation properties alongside excellent mechanical strength and abrasion resistance. Traditionally, refractory tiles, custom cut to a thickness of 40-50 mm, are used for wood fed fireplaces. By using Firecrete fire protection, it is possible to reduce tile thickness by 50 per cent. This allows manufacturers to increase the number of insulation layers to improve thermal performance and efficiency.”

As a result of its distinctive features, Firecrete fire protection also has potential for use in solar towers and photovoltaic installations. It is also ideal for applications where it is difficult to apply pre-shaped insulation materials and dense custom sized tiles. Moreover, it will accommodate ducts and connections for fumes exhaust in furnaces, kilns and industrial boilers.

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