Morgan Advanced Materials Opens Indian Office to Meet Increased Demand


From the Delhi-based facility, Morgan will provide technical and commercial support to customers across the Indian Subcontinent, an area where it has had a strong market presence since 1975. It also enables the business to deliver a larger range of advanced electrical carbon products, seals and bearings to the region.

Morgan has identified vast opportunities to supply its extensive range of specially engineered materials to sectors including power generation, transportation, industrial, and chemical processing.  India currently has one of the world’s largest railway networks, comprising 115,000 km of track over a route of 67,312 km. This is fueling high demand for Morgan’s carbon current collectors, which are designed to meet the demanding conditions of increasing train speed and electrical load in the rail industry.

Elsewhere, India’s large population of power plants provides considerable opportunity for Morgan to supply its NCC 634 brush, which has been specially designed to achieve improved reliability in turbo alternator applications. The business is also providing its power hub slip rings into India’s wind power sector, where the lightweight, high performance solution ensures reliable data transmission in challenging conditions. Further opportunities exist for Morgan to supply carbon/graphite and silicon carbide components into the chemicals industry for demanding seal applications, and for electric vacuum pumps in the automotive sector.

The opening of the new office is the first stage of a wider strategy that will see Morgan aim to increase its share of the Indian market for carbon electrical products over the next five years. This will be triggered by an ambitious growth plan for the new office, which will welcome two new dedicated application engineers and an additional customer support assistant by the end of 2016. In time, Morgan aims to expand its offering even further surrounding geographies.

Nitin Jain, Business Head of India region for Carbon and Technical Ceramics division of Morgan Advanced Materials, commented: “With the opening of our new India office Morgan is perfectly placed to supply its world leading carbon products to businesses throughout the Indian Subcontinent. This area offers a number of opportunities for Morgan to supply into industries including CPI, power generation, steel, paper and pulp, cement, and oil and gas, as we continue to grow our global presence even further.”

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