Morgan Advanced Materials Publishes White Paper on the Trends in Aluminium Processing


The paper examines the current state of the aluminium market with reference to annual growth and future production. The market has an average annual growth of 6 per cent per annum with a current total market value of around £45 billion. A summary of market trends is provided drawing on examples of activity in key regions including India, China, EMEA and the Americas.

The white paper also discusses the importance of quality in the aluminium processing sector, detailing sources of impurity and physical imperfections, and some of the high-performance solutions now available; which are contributing to improvements in overall metal quality, productivity and safety.

Examples of potential sources of contamination are explored, including the effect of crucibles from which fragments can break off and melt into the molten aluminium, impacting significantly on purity and therefore on casting quality down the line. High-specification coatings are now available which can help to combat this issue.

The paper goes on to cover the need to optimise furnace insulation in light of the high energy usage of aluminium furnaces and the vital importance of maintaining consistent temperatures to optimise quality.

Mirco Pavoni, Global Technology Directorof Morgan Advanced Materials, commented: “We believe the global aluminium market is set to remain buoyant for the next few years at least, and in this paper Morgan has presented a comprehensive overview of the sector. We have provided future predictions drawing on our extensive knowledge gleaned from many decades supporting major aluminium producers with technology-led solutions. The white paper explains how harnessing innovative materials technology and design, and the continued development of existing technologies, will continue to create new opportunities for those suppliers able to deliver an agile, responsive service.”

The whitepaper is available to download from:

Morgan Advanced Materials,
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