Morgan Advanced Materials Solution for Electric Vacuum Pump Vanes Delivers Benefits for OEMs


Morgan utilises its high-volume production technology to deliver its state-of-the-art MAT 679 material, delivering cost and time efficiencies to OEMs in the automotive sector. 

MAT 679 extends the life of the vane compared with the best alternative materials. 

Michael Ritter of Morgan Advanced Materials commented: “MAT 679 is our latest proprietary lubrication enhancing impregnated carbon graphite and has been specifically developed to meet the most stringent requirements of vacuum and dry running applications. 

“Working closely with our customers in the automotive industry, this material has been designed for efficiency and mobility, improving product performance with enhanced wear rate predictability while leveraging “local” production facilities to simplify logistics.”

 During the development process, Morgan installed in-house application test devices to simulate real automotive vacuum pump conditions, benchmarking a variety of materials in a number of market-leading pumps for wear and potential failure. 

Michael Ritter continues: “ASTM International standards do not accurately replicate the real conditions experienced with these applications, which means the results may not be a reliable indication of material performance. 

“We wanted to engineer a material that delivers unrivalled performance, so we developed our own in-house testing application that is capable of simulating true-to-life conditions. Using these highly reliable test results we have been able to deliver a material which reduces manufacturing processing and enables production in key regions of the world without compromising on performance.” 

Capable of withstanding the harsh environment of an automotive electric vacuum pump, MAT 679 successfully operates at temperatures in excess of 200°C (292°F). This outstanding material performance, combined with Morgan’s regional manufacturing solutions, is the ideal combination for automotive OEMs and engineers looking to deliver quality and longevity, alongside cost and time efficiencies.  

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