Morgan Advanced Materials to Officially Launch Metals and Joining Center of Excellence


The move follows a recent announcement from Morgan CEO Pete Raby, in which he outlined plans to increase investment in research and development to 4% of sales within the next four years, further strengthening Morgan’s position as a global leader in materials science and application engineering.

The new center is pivotal to this plan and will be unveiled on October 5th, 2017 by a number of senior ranking officials from Morgan, including Pete Raby and Chief Technology Officer, Dr Mike Murray, both of whom will deliver a speech during the ceremony.

The development of new materials, coupled with challenging application environments in sectors as diverse as aerospace, medical equipment, oil & gas and industrial, are driving unprecedented demand for joining solutions which can deliver higher performance, a lower cost of ownership and more efficient operation. Braze joints must be able to withstand increasingly demanding conditions such as rising temperatures, higher loads, and a greater incidence of corrosive materials for a more diverse range of materials to be joined. Innovative approaches to brazing are increasingly in demand, to accommodate these requirements.

One landmark initiative currently underway within Morgan’s Metals and Brazing Center of Excellence is making traditionally brittle braze alloys available in a flexible wire form. In doing so, this will provide a new tool in a joiner’s arsenal to help reduce waste and cost, while simultaneously resulting in a higher quality seal and improved application performance.

The launch of the new Metals and Joining Center of Excellence marks the next step in Morgan Advanced Materials’ overarching strategy to help solve the most pressing engineering challenges of its customers. To support this objective, it will be investing heavily in people, new equipment, and material characterization capability, enabling the Center to accelerate product innovation lead times for customers.

Pete Raby, CEO of Morgan Advanced Materials, explained: “Continuous investment in our technological capability is at the heart of our continued success as a business. It is of vital importance that we develop the infrastructure to support closer collaboration with our customers and external innovation partners, which include universities and government agencies. The new Metals and Joining Center of Excellence provides exactly this, and with a number of exciting developments already in the pipeline, we are confident the center will play an important part in helping us to meet the future needs of multiple markets.”

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