Morgan Announces Availability of Superwool® Fiber Papers for Expansion Joints, Back-Up Insulation & Gaskets


Uniquely designed from Superwool® bulk and organic binders, Superwool® papers are specially processed to offer excellent performance in high-temperature applications and feature a classification temperature of up to 2372°F. Flexible and tear-resistant Superwool® papers are widely used for expansion joints in trough sections, furnace tap-out plug cover and parting agents, and as a back-up insulation layer behind refractory materials for melting and holding furnaces. 

The range of papers includes Superwool® 351-E and Superwool® 406-E, intumescent papers that expand up to 400 percent making them a good choice for gasket and fire protection applications. All Superwool® papers can be customized to specific application requirements by hand, water jet, or CNC machining. 

Morgan Advanced Materials papers are manufactured in our Augusta, Georgia facility under ISO9001:2008 requirements. Many of the papers meet strict automotive, aerospace and industrial specifications, and customers will be able to identify the ideal application insulation solution from this extensive product offering. 

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Morgan Advanced Materials,