Morgan Announces Slip Ring System for the Construction Industry


Morgan Advanced Materials, a global specialist in world leading rotary transfer systems, has announced the launch of its 2-in-1 slip ring system including encoder for high reaching earth moving plant and cranes.                                 

By internally assembling a highly sensitive, miniaturised encoder within the mechanical slip ring system, Morgan has created an easy-to-install component which is compatible with existing systems and allows for the accurate transmission of data from machine to driver.

As the construction industry continues to move in favour of data-driven safety and working assistance intelligence, Morgan has once again risen to the challenge of developing products which answer the real problems faced by customers in its key markets. In this instance, the conventional slip ring has been re-designed to include a fully integrated Hall encoder.

Using high level, in-vehicle communications networks, the encoder indicates the angle position of the upper structure in relation to the plant’s undercarriage, transferring the information into a CANopen protocol which is retrievable by the driver or the working assistance controller.

By combining a hall encoder (which works in response to a magnetic field) with Morgan’s heavy duty slip rings, available in a variety of materials including stainless steel, aluminium and UV- and oil-resistant plastic, the world renowned manufacturer has brought to market a 2-in-1 solution which can be tailored to the exacting system requirements of each customer, whether the plant is new or already in service.

The design of this latest component also takes into consideration the future requirements of the construction industry, ensuring the plant is ready for the advent of automated ‘self-working’ construction equipment.

Christoph Daun, Technical Sales Engineer for Morgan’s Electrical Carbon business comments on the development of the 2-in-1 encoder and slip ring system:

“Like many sectors, the construction industry is moving in favour of telemetry, remote controlled or pre-programmed machinery and intelligent in-vehicle communications systems which can enhance driver and site safety.

“Morgan’s new 2-in-1 is highly flexible when it comes to retrofitting in-service plant, with a number of customisable signalling and transmission options available to suit any pre-existing system.

“We are committed to developing components which solve real industry challenges, not just now but also in the future. By creating a heavy-duty slip ring with an encoder built in, we are offering OEMs and equipment owners the chance to install a component which not only meets their in-vehicle safety monitoring requirements now, but can also support during the future changes of automated self-driving machinery.”

Morgan manufactures slip rings for the construction market which range in current from milli-Amp to 1000Amp and a voltage from milli-Voltage up to 10.000V. These slip rings can include then transmission of data via Fast Ethernet at a rate of up to 100Mbit/sec as well as even faster data transfer

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