Morgan Develops Monolithic Refractory Products with 20 Percent Improved Insulating Properties to Meet Heat-Intensive Challenges


New Kaolite® 1800 Gun and Kaolite® 2000 castables feature insulation that has been improved by 10-20 percent, while reducing density by 10 percent. The new formulations have densities between 25 and 35 pounds per cubic foot (PCF), maintain excellent cold crushing strengths, and can be gunned with minimal rebound loss.

Kaolite® Super HS Gun is a new medium weight insulating castable, which features exceptionally high crushing strength, >2000 PSI in an 80 PCF density material. It also provides very good insulating properties, thermal shock resistance and can be easily installed by gunning.

Kaolite® 2800 and Kaolite® 2800 Gun formulations have been redesigned to feature higher strengths and better flow with reduced water additions, providing a better overall application performance. They are ideally suited for petrochemical applications that require reduction of supporting furnace steel work, as the formulation provides more insulation with a thinner lining.

Morgan Advanced Materials offers a comprehensive monolithic materials range, from lightweight insulating, to clay bonded, to special duty. These products are enhanced beyond the scope of conventional monolithics, featuring properties such as additional strength and chemical damage resistance. They deliver a long, low-maintenance lifetime of service, even in the most demanding applications.

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