Morgan Expands Supply Capability of Laser Components in Europe


The two facilities, based in Rugby, UK and Erlangen, Germany, are combining their technological and manufacturing expertise, drawing on Morgan’s unrivalled range of proprietary materials to deliver an enhanced portfolio of products including laser reflectors, ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs, and waveguides.

Used predominantly in laser pumping cavities in solid state lasers, Morgan’s laser reflectors are primarily composed of Sintox AL alumina, a purpose-designed material with a porous structure used for its high reflectance properties over a range of wavelengths. Its feedthroughs are best suited to a range of applications such as ionisation, water-cooled electrical connections and trigger assemblies for gas lasers. Ceramic waveguides are incorporated into CO2 lasers, where the reflective and refractive properties of the Deranox 970 and AL300® materials used assist with creation of the light beam in the chamber. They are designed to have compact size, helping to minimise machine footprint.

This collaboration will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practice that will optimise technological capability of the two sites. Also, as Application Engineers integrate their understanding of the market requirements, they will be able to enhance and expand Morgan’s offering to its customers.  

Oliver Ridd of Morgan Advanced Materials commented: “Rates of growth in the laser reflector business have been favourable this year and with steady growth expected into 2016, we are continuously taking steps to improve our manufacturing capability, to satisfy thriving global demand for laser product components. As part of Morgan’s continued expansion, we are welcoming enquiries for larger, more complex projects. By working together, our facilities in Rugby and Erlangen aim to harness expertise across both businesses in conjunction with our shared understanding of customers’ requirements to deliver unrivalled levels of service. We now offer a larger portfolio of components and assemblies for laser applications, custom designed in collaboration with our customers.”

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