Morgan Launches New Alphawool® Felt and Board Range Offering Insulation up to 1600°C


Suitable for expansion joints, furnace lining and gaskets, Alphawool® Unifelt and Alphawool® VF board are manufactured at Morgan’s specialist facility in Lillebonne, France.

Alphawool® VF board is a high-temperature board vacuum formed from Alphawool bulk fibres, offering dimensional resilience and excellent resistance to thermal shock. With low thermal conductivity and low shrinkage up to the classification temperature of 1600ºC, the boards come in thicknesses from 10mm to 50mm (sanded or unsanded) and can be pre-fired if required.

With a classification temperature of 1600°C, Alphawool® Unifelt combines flexibility, light weight, high heat resistance and low thermal conductivity and comes in a variety of thicknesses from 6mm to 50mm.

Boasting high chemical purity and excellent thermal and chemical stability in industrial process conditions, both products are quick and simple to cut and offer low heat storage alongside excellent insulating performance.

Alphawool® is unclassified under the European CLP regulation (Directive 1272/2008) by virtue of its very low content of respirable fibres. This is a key advantage given the strict regulation of chemicals under the European REACH regulation.

Further research and development into new products harnessing the capabilities of Alphawool®​ fibres is currently ongoing.

Dave Barrington of Morgan Advanced Materials commented: “Achieving optimum insulation is key to reducing process cycle times and energy costs, especially at higher temperatures, and compliance with local and international safety regulations is equally important. Alphawool® Unifelt and Alphawool® VF board deliver on both counts – drawing on Morgan’s extensive experience in thermal engineering to produce optimum performance, longevity and ease of use.”

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