Morgan Launches New MSPro14 Surface Profiler for Commutators and Slip Rings


The new MSPro14 product, which seamlessly integrates a range of cutting edge technologies and user-friendly features into one portable unit, is set to raise industry standards for the surface profiling of commutators and slip rings.

The Morgan MSPro14 accurately measures and records the surface conditions of commutators and slip rings, but accuracy is not its only advantage. This new measuring system boasts a solid, easy-to-mount sensor that can be fitted to a wide range of holder sizes and can cope with extreme environments, including vibration. Moreover, the optimised sensor head will fit easily onto helically grooved slip rings. Offering rapid and simple set-up, it also has a responsive and user-friendly touch screen that is held within a robust housing.

It has been designed to help determine the cause of problems such as uneven or poor brush wear, chipped brushes, frayed flexes, under-brush sparking and system deterioration. The results it generates indicate the quality of the surface profile, and whether the component needs to be replaced or further fault diagnosis is required; helping to reduce downtime and maintenance costs by highlighting potential issues before complete failure occurs.

The MSPro14 software, DASPro14, is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. It offers a built-in editing interface, allowing further analysis of the measurement on a computer. It can load and read files from Morgan’s previous profiler model, the MMS6000. The box has a large memory capacity that allows the ability to store more profiler measurements than the MMS6000. By using the software, different measurements can be compared on a computer.

The MSPro14 comes in a robust yet lightweight carrying case, containing all the equipment needed to profile accurately and effectively. This includes DASPro14 data analysis software, sensor and clamp, sensor sleeve, sensor spacer set, USB cable and charger, G-clamp, torch, pen and back-up battery. The MSPro14 is compatible with any PC running Windows (even Windows XP) via a USB connection, and can easily be switched between imperial and metric measurement modes.

The MSPro14 is also highly versatile, having optimised sensor heads for commutators, slip rings and helical grooved slip rings and being designed to fit easily into the brush box. Its sensor is longer than those of previous models, making it ideal for use in longer wind power holders.

Theo Pannevis of Morgan Advanced Materials believes the MSPro14 will revolutionise customers' experience of surface profiling. "The MSPro14 is much more than just a highly accurate surface profiler. At Morgan we have listened to our customers and produced a top-quality machine that meets their needs. The MSPro14 is technically advanced but extremely user-friendly, portable but versatile and sensitive but robust. We offer a comprehensive support package - including on-site visits and technical support - as our customers move forward with us into the new world of surface profiling."

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