Morgan Launches New Range of Earthing Units for Rail Industry


Morgan is a long-established manufacturer of axle earthing units used in traction applications, such as railway vehicles, where they stop electrical current flowing to the axle box roller bearing, and so prevent the damage this can cause. This function is particularly important in rail applications, where bearings and associated units can be subject to extreme stresses, sometimes at speeds of hundreds of kilometres per hour. The problem is growing through wider network electrification, and the presence of increased on-board power equipment

Morgan's new earth return brush holder system is designed to better overcome the problems of vibration and system movement, and movement between the brush and shaft that frequently reduce the quality of brush contact which directly affects performance.  The new Morgan earthing unit uses a freshly-designed single piece casing, in contrast to previous composite designs, which along with the flange and brushes is insulated with a high-strength powder coating. The brush is CM1S grade while the whole unit has been both vibration and shock tested to RIA20, category 3 standard. The entire unit is fitted to the axle within the wheelset assembly of a railway vehicle.

The results of Morgan's enhancements include; reduced movement between the brush box and shaft, improved brush-shaft contact, better system performance and lower maintenance costs. A further advantage of the new unit is the versatility of its design, meaning it can be fitted to new vehicles or retro-fitted as required.

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