Morgan to Showcase New TCA 125 Insulating Fire Brick at Thermprocess 2015


A kiln will be on display during the event which will showcase a range of Morgan’s industrial insulation products in action.

The latest innovation from Morgan’s Thermal Ceramics business, the TCA 125 Insulating Fire Brick was developed in response to growing customer demand in the aluminium processing sector, and produced in accordance with Pechiney specification 10.1.

Anodes, which are crucial to the transformation of alumina into aluminium, are generally fired in graphite, in anode baking furnaces that incorporate insulation bricks.  This process has typically resulted in a product of lesser quality as the baking process has been known to damage and weaken the bricks, leaving a gap in the market for better quality alternatives.

Previously, bricks of this quality had to be produced on hydraulic presses, however, extensive research and development carried out by staff at Morgan has enabled them to produce bricks using the ‘Slinger’ process. 

Massimiliano Marchetti of Morgan Advanced Materials added:  “The new TCA 125 range has been well received since launch and we anticipate further strong interest in both this range and the other insulation products which will be on display.”

Morgan’s Thermal Ceramics business is an established partner to global industry, supplying a range of high-temperature insulation bricks and monolithic products for use in a broad spectrum of sectors.

The event also sees the introduction of Haldenwanger® HalFoam™ porous alumina, ideal for use within kilns, which performs at temperatures up to 1,700ºC, as well as fused silica for temperatures between 500ºC and 1,000ºC. This product offers enhanced protection for surfaces in environments which experience rapid temperature change. These products will be displayed alongside Haldenwanger® HalCoat™, a range of innovative silicon nitride coatings designed to increase the life of fused silica rollers and crucibles.

Morgan will also be showcasing a range of other products for high temperature industrial applications, including its Haldenwanger® tubes, rollers and kiln furniture; its innovative WDS® microporous insulation range from recently acquired Porextherm®; and its degassing rotors and specialty graphite products for aluminum processing and casting.

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