New Current Collectors Offer Optimised Performance and Longer Service Life


The incorporation of the new material from Morgan’s Electrical Carbon business has enabled the width of a collector strip to be increased by 40 per cent from 30mm to 42mm. This delivers a typical 35 per cent extension of product service life and enhanced reliability, with negligible weight increase.

The collector strip also boasts an arc protection system, with an engineered coating applied to the metal, with the effect of drawing any arcing to the carbon strip – a key attribute, especially in wet and wintry conditions which can create a barrier to power transfer and result in localised overheating of the metal support carrier.

The arc protection system maximises collector strip life, reduces maintenance and running costs for rail contractors while delivering improved service performance to passengers as the collector strips require less frequent changing, drastically cutting downtime.

The new collector strips are based on Morgan’s unique and proven method of transferring high currents to give a low resistance current path in bonded collectors, resulting in an innovative yet lightweight solution for overhead current collector applications.

Delivering low friction for long overhead wire life, Morgan’s carbon and metallised carbon current collector strips offer high performance in both pantograph and third rail applications. The company’s comprehensive range includes collectors suitable for overhead, third rail and trolley bus shoes on metro systems, high-speed trains, trams and trolley buses.

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