New Digital Modelling to Enhance Morgan Advanced Materials’ Brazed Assembly Capability


The global materials leader, Morgan has acquired high-specification software that will enable them to perform stress and thermal analyses on existing and prototype designs for a variety of demanding applications. The introduction of digital modelling has had a tremendous impact on new product introductions and development, enabling Morgan’s Technical Ceramics business to refine designs of their brazed assemblies more easily. Specific benefits seen by the customer include more ‘right first time’ manufacture – getting products to the customer sooner, and lower associated design costs reducing cost to the customer at the start of the process. For development work, especially when it comes to brazed joints within the products, it brings piece of mind to the customer that the product has been optimised for their application.

For critical products, stringent measures need to be taken to ensure that they meet design specification and Morgan’s modelling capability significantly improves its ability to deliver optimised products, particularly those intended for use in harsh environments.

Oliver Ridd of Morgan Advanced Materials explained: “A significant portion of the products that we supply are used in critical applications and we need to develop robust, integrative designs to meet customers’ ever-demanding specifications. Digital prototyping represents an important step forward for us in our design process; we can now accurately model how a particular material will react under certain conditions and minimise residual stresses in our designs within the shortest possible timeframe. This capability gives us a competitive advantage and leaves us well placed to solve our customers’ biggest design challenges.”

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