New Long-Lasting Ceramic Coating Launched by Morgan


Haldenwanger® HalCoat™ comprises two grades of Si3N4 coating which can be applied to a variety of Morgan products including fused silica, silicon carbide and mullite bonded ceramics to offer a host of benefits from enhancing durability to avoiding contamination within a crucible.

Designed for fused silica rollers in applications such as hot stamping roller kilns, the standard purity of the first HalCoat™ grade helps prevent alloy build-up in the annealing process. The coating’s anti-wetting properties can extend the longevity of silica rollers, which are typically subject to layers of AlSi12 alloy layers forming on the surface.

The second HalCoat™ grade has been developed for the coating of fused silica crucibles, as Michael Rozumek, R&D Director for the Haldenwanger® ® products business at Morgan Advanced Materials explains: “The latest advances in crucible technology utilise electro-magnetic fields to fine-tune the flow characteristics of melting silicon, which is invaluable in controlling the directional solidification of multi-crystalline photovoltaic silicon ingots. However, a knock-on effect is the considerable increase in mechanical wear within the crucible. UsingHalCoat™ to treat these surfaces helps avoid delamination of the coating and therefore decreases the risk of contamination in the melt.”

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